Buro de credito FICO

Buro de credito FICO?

All we know the puntaje credit FICO, and the credit history on which it is based is critical to finance an automobile, a house or to secure almost any type of credit. It is not tranquilizer to discover that its puntaje of credit can be different, following bureau of credit (Experian, Equifax or TransUnion) of which was obtained. The system of puntaje of credit FICO is used by the three, how passes this? Once it knows a little on the process of credit report is not difficult to understand. Most important it is than you know that you can make to solve the problem.

FICO means Fair, Isaac and Compañía; that it is the company that to make marketing of the system of the puntaje of credit. The puntaje of FICO is a number of 3 digits from 300 to 850. A puntaje of 700 or more, is excellent. Less than 580-620 is considered low. The puntaje is calculated using system FICO of report of information to the bureaos of credit by the creditors.

There are two problems that can be in which the credit agencies report different puntajes. The first problem is that the credit agencies not always handle the same information. The information is provided voluntarily by deserving companies. If an creditor sends a report to bureau of credit, but not to all the three, the data of their puntaje FICO will be different.

Secondly, it can have errors in his report of credit. This can happen through different reasons. For example, an creditor could neglect in not reporting a change of his statement of account (that already paid a loan in its totality for example). Although also the possibility exists that somebody uses its name and credit of fraudulent way. The incorrect, independent information of the cause, can remain in its file of credit during years if this is not detected.

The inexact or incomplete information can be a great disadvantage for the consumer. If an creditor at certain time reported a problem with his account and failed in reporting that the problem was solved satisfactorily, in each bureau of credit that received the original report will be mistaken information and you could be with a denied application of credit or an increase in the interest rate in his accounts.

Luckily the consumer, is far from being impotent when dealing with problems of the credit file. According to the laws of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) you are right to a gratuitous copy of his history of credit every year old. He can in line do this visiting the page of the Federal Trade Comission or with his authorized supplier in AnnualCreditReport.com or calling to (877) 322-8228. The report free does not include its puntaje of credit FICO. You can easily request a copy of his puntaje of credit FICO of each one of the agencies of credit, but she must pay for that reason. It remembers that is the content of its file of credit which is important. If its history of credit correct and is updated, its puntaje of credit FICO will be the same or very approximated it does not concern the credit office provides that it.

To correct or to report some possible fraud, is part of the rights of the consumer who has itself under the FCRA. In order to initiate the process to dispute errors, to report some fraud or to ask for a freezing by security if you think that somebody is using its name and its history of credit, you must go to the Web sites of each one of the agencies of main report of credit. Each of them has instruments in line so that it can make a report and solve this kind of problems.

Buro de credito FICO,